February 02, 2017

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Improve SEO with the Help of a Schema Markup

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If you are looking to improve SEO, you should learn more about Schema markup. Schema is a form of micro-data that can be added to your web pages to give search engines more information about your content. It is still underutilized, which means more of an SEO bonus if you choose to use it.

What is Schema? Schema is a type of micro-data that is used to label information on your web pages. Search engines can use this micro-data to determine the type of content on your web pages. For example, you can use schema to markup contact information, business type, and other useful information.

The Schema project, which can be found at Schema.org, is a collaboration between the major search engines. This includes Google, Bing, and Yahoo, along with Yandex—a major Russian search engine. These search engines wanted to create a standardized markup. Schema is the result of this collaboration.


How Do You Add Schema to Your Website?

If you have the ability to edit HTML code on your web pages, you can directly add Schema. For those using WordPress and other website builder platforms, you’ll need to install a plugin or a third-party application.

Schema markup includes various elements and attributes that can get added to a web page. This markup tells the search engines exactly what they are looking at. These elements and attributes are often added in the form of HTML code that can be inserted directly into the HTML elements on your page.

Some of the most commonly used Schema elements and attributes include the following:

  • Events
  • Creative works
  • Organisations
  • Products
  • Offers
  • Reviews
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Location


You will need to visit the official Schema site to find the full list of available micro-data.

How Does Schema Improve SEO? improve SEO

Even though Google claims that Schema doesn’t yet factor into their search engine algorithm, there’s evidence to suggest otherwise. Adding this micro-data gives search engines an accurate way of determining what type of content is on your web page. This is the next step in search engines being able to actually “read” your content.

Since Schema micro-data makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website and determine how to categorize your content, there’s an SEO benefit. Adding Schema can also improve your website’s rich snippets, which can make your site more noticeable in search engine results. This is known to help improve click-through-rates.

Google has already begun adding the information that they find using Schema in their search engine results. You can see this in use when performing a search. For example, when you see the number of reviews and the star rating for a restaurant under a Yelp listing, you’re seeing information obtained through Schema micro-data.

improve SEO

What Else Should You Know About Schema?

Schema is still relatively new. We’ve not yet seen the full potential of this markup language and how it will end up affecting search engine results. Though, as mentioned, there’s already an indication that it can help improve SEO. Include Schema markup on your web pages now and you can be ahead of the curve.

Continue using all of your existing SEO practices. But, start adding Schema markup to your individual web pages. Browse their official website and determine which elements and attributes apply to your content.

The Schema micro-data may be underutilized at the moment, but this will change as it begins to have more of an impact on search engine results. For now, begin familiarizing yourself with this markup language and including where possible on your website.

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