November 02, 2016

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How to Promote Your Products with Demonstration Videos

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Entrepreneurs can always benefit from new ways to promote their products or services. You have many options at your disposal. You could start an email marketing campaign, write blog posts, or even spend money on advertising. Another option is to create demonstration videos.

These videos are intended to showcase the main features of your product or service. Use them for anything that you’re selling. This includes everything from computer software to healthcare products.

If you’re looking for ways to build a larger customer base and promote your products, then learn how to create your own demonstration videos.

Demonstration VideosChoose a Method for Recording Video

The very first thing you must do before creating a demonstration video is to decide on a method forDemonstration Videos recording video. Your demonstration video needs to show your product or service being used.

For a physical product or service, you’ll want to film your video. You can use an HD video camera, which is available at fairly affordable prices. For computer software or a mobile app, you can use screen capture software to record video of your software in use.

Record your audio separately. This lets you focus on the features of your product or service, without trying to get your dialog correct in every take.

Outline the Main Features of Your Product or Service

Next, create an outline of the main features of your product or service. What do you want to showcase in your video? After creating your list, rank the importance of these features. Later on, you may need to cut one of these features from your video.

Create a Rough Draft of Your Script

After creating your list of features, create a rough draft of your script. Start by introducing yourself or your business. Explain what viewers are about to see. Then, highlight the key points of each feature that you’re going to showcase.

Film Your Initial Video Footage

Using your script as a general outline, film your initial demonstration video footage. Either use screen capture software or a real camera to record your product being used. You don’t need one continuous shot. Focus on one or two video clips per feature.

After recording your video, compile it using video editing software. Computers often have at least one free video editing program. But, you can find plenty of other options online.

Demonstration Videos

Record Your Audio for the Demo

You’ll also need audio for your demonstration videos. After compiling your video, let it play in the background while you record your audio. You can divide your lines into separate sections, as you did with your video footage.

Add your audio clips to your video footage. This will take some practice. You may have to spend some time adjusting the placement of the audio and your video clips until it all comes together. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

Tweak and Edit Your Video Until You’re Satisfied

After recording your video, compiling it into one video, and adding your audio, start tweaking your video. Take as much time as you want to edit the video. Sometimes, it’s hard to picture how it’ll all come together until you begin editing it with your video editing software.

Start with your first demo video now. Highlight the main features of your product. If you need a few examples, simply perform a search online for “product demonstration video”. Once your video is completed, you can post your video to YouTube, share it on social media, and use it in your marketing materials.

In addition to demo videos, there are many solutions for building a large customer base. Learn more about my conversion-ready internet marketing prospects, click the link to discover my done-for-you system.

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