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Busting the Myths of Online Marketing (Part 2)

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Welcome to the second part of our Myth series! Were you waiting in suspense for part 2 to be posted? I hope so because here it is!! We will be busting 2 myths today, so sit back, buckle up and hold on as we dive head first into the first myth now…


“It worked for this company, so it will work for us as well!”


Just because a company does something and their business is booming, that does not mean you can use that same technique for your own company and it will have the same effect. It might not work for your type of business. You can’t go around making exact copies of other businesses techniques because that particular technique wasn’t changed to fit your exact business. ANY technique that you find other companies using, has to be altered for your business or your time and effort might as well be considered wasted.

Better yet, create YOUR OWN technique based off what type of business you have. mythbusters-busted-spray


“We need to blog about EVERYTHING our company does.”


Hold on, let’s think on this for a moment. What would you do if you’re researching about “How to Improve your Business” and the link you click on brings you to a blog where the majority of its posts are nothing but bragging about how good their posts, products, and customer service is? You would most likely leave that blog site, Right? I would, because that doesn’t interest me as a prospect/possible customer.

You shouldn’t write content that sounds to stuck up or self indulgent. Yes, that may be what interests you as the owner or employee of that business, but your readers may not be interested in that type of stuff when they look at your blog site. So, walk in your customers shoes, look through their point of view, write about what they care about and are interested in. myth-busted

What are your thoughts on these Myths I have provided you with today? Have I peaked your interest in what may come in part 3? I sure hope I was able to do so!

Did you miss part 1, but don’t know how to get to it? Click Here if you want to see Part 1 of this series!

Do you have any myths that you have heard and would like me to touch base on? Tell me in the comment section below. Thank you for sharing this epic journey with me as I bust the myths of Online Marketing. Keep a look out for Part 3 of the Myth Busting series! Have a great day and be sure to check back soon for more posts.

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About The Author

For the past 2 years Michael Bass has dedicated his time to building an Online Business that gives him complete time, location and financial freedom. The reason Michael decided to start his Online Business is because he wanted to expand his knowledge and continue to travel. Since starting his online business he has traveled all over the world to places like Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and the Canary Islands. His new book An Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Success is his contribution to anyone who wants to have financial freedom in their life. In his book he outlines exactly how he was able to build a successful Online Business. His mission is to empower as many people as he possibly can to help them reach their true peak potential. So, open your mind. . . your journey begins NOW!

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