October 23, 2016

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Benefits of Online Marketing

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Today I want to talk about the benefits of online marketing. Online Marketing helps people decide what purchases to make allowing those companies to target the corresponding markets. It also helps with personalized communication with customers, avoiding mass marketing.

Convenience:convenience key
With online marketing there are no opening/closing times and if you have staff there is no hassle of paying overtime. Also with online marketing, customers can browse your website at their own convenience.

Distance? Not an issue with online marketing! You can sell your merchandise anywhere expanding your target market.  Building an export business eliminates the hassle of opening distribution networks in other countries. Selling internationally? Use Localization Services to make sure that your merchandise is acceptable for local markets and follow local business regulations. These Services also provide translation and product modifications to mirror local market differences.

Online marketing is cheaper than physical retail markets eliminating maintenance and rent fees. Instead of purchasing huge store displays, you can order merchandise as needed to keep a low inventory cost.

By building a personal rapport with your customers, you can quickly access their purchase history and preferences. You can also track the web pages and product information your customers visit to obtain better knowledge of their preferences. This allows you the ability to plan cross-selling campaigns to increase the sales value per customer.

Relationships with your customers is very important for you to have in order to build the proper rapport with them that you need to increase sales. After a customer purchase, it is wise to send a follow-up email thanking them for their time and purchase, to confirm the transaction and to provide special personalized offers. You can also suggest that customer issue a product review on your site helping create a community feel.

Online marketing helps you connect with local and international customers. By incorporating Social Networking tools in your campaigns, you can take great advantage of increased sales influenced by Online Marketing. According to an article on the Harvard Business School Executive Education website, a study shows that a group of consumers responded quickly due to the influence of Social Networking and increased sales by about 5%.

I hope this information that I have proudly provided you has inspired you to start an online marketing business. A few of my family members have an online business and enjoy it! I hope that you enjoyed reading my article, have a great day!!

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