August 23, 2016

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SEO Tips for Beginners

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I am writing this post to help you better your business so you can attract more traffic. Below are some helpful tips on how to write a successful SEO post for your page. I am mainly focusing on the opening, body and content of the post here in case you are curious as to how your post should look. Let’s take a gander at these tips now!

  1. Page Titles
    Page titles are a very important aspect of your page. Accurate page titles will give you a great advantage in the search results competition. Each page needs a One-of-a-Kind title that quickly describes the page content.
  2. Page Description
    The pages Meta (description) is secondly important. This will give Yahoo and other, as well as users, a brief summary of the pages content.
    * Always add a One-of-a-Kind description for all your page posts.
    * The best description size is between 150-160 characters.
    * Stay away from repeating your title in the description.
    * Use limited Keywords
    * Make the description a subtle for the product/service you are promoting in the post.
  3. Text Formatting: H1, H2, and H3
    Text formatting goes against your efforts and it’s not good for your reader to publish your content without doing some basic formatting first. Here’s some guidelines to help with that:
    * Use H1 tags for your post title
    * Use H2 tags for your post headline
    * BOLD and italics catches the users eye
    * Your headings should not ALL have H2 tags
    * Provide small paragraphs
    * Use an easy to read font size
  4. Content is Most Important
    Without good content, the rest of these tips won’t work.
    How to write good content:
    * Ensure the content matches the title of the post.
    * Proofread
    * Format the text
    * Provide links within the content to pick up more traffic.
    * Provide references from your research (where necessarily needed) to ensure your content is correct.
    How to know it’s good:
    * Check your analytics and the time spent on the page. Readers will stay longer if the content is good.
    * Check for quantity of social media shares. The more the shares, the more you can see what consumers want to see, so you will have an idea of what to provide on your page.

I hope you have found this post helpful and provided you with much needed information! It was a pleasure to write this post for you. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by to read the post I have presented you!

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