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How To Sell Like A Pro In 10 Simple Steps

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Selling is a skill and a process. By not having an organized process it is easy for a salesperson to lose track of the sale. Given proper steps gives sales people confidence to close the sale and more important get a referral.

This course in a no nonsense down to earth simple ten step process that can be used in any sales environment or skill. It is an education and a step by step how to win and sell your product or service to a qualify prospect.

This course is less than two hours and is structure where a student can digest as much as they need. The key to success is to practice each step with someone else or tape yourself increase skill and confidence.

Taking this course will simplify you sales process so you do most of the work upfront and earn the right to ask for the close instead of hammering the prospect at the end of sale. The key is not only to close the prospect but to gain their trust at the end of the sale and get a referral.

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This product is taught by Ben Brown.Benjamin-Brown

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Hi, I am Ben Brown CEO of 360 Sales Consulting. I have 18 years background in Sales and Sales Management. My passion is helping business people with their sales. Many companies focus on marketing but leave the most important part of the business out. That is sales! We have a 10 step sales process that can help anyone understand the simple law of properly selling a customer something that they can help and benefit from.

360 Sales Consulting specializes in sales training and coaching for small business and entrepreneurs who need help with their sale process. We have a proven method of sales process and also can analysis current method to see where improvements need to be added.

I’m a passionate about helping people with sales.

Based in Tampa Bay, I’m an Independent Trainer & Speaker specializing in sales coaching including one on one coaching, webinars and phone video courses. Before Florida, I lived in Atlanta North Carolina and California. I am a Veteran from six years in the United States Marine Corps Methods of training.

My background includes:
Entrepreneur, Sales, Marketing, World Traveler, Music Lover, Networking, Public Speaking, Matchmaker, Sales Coach, Genealogy


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About The Author

For the past 2 years Michael Bass has dedicated his time to building an Online Business that gives him complete time, location and financial freedom. The reason Michael decided to start his Online Business is because he wanted to expand his knowledge and continue to travel. Since starting his online business he has traveled all over the world to places like Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and the Canary Islands. His new book An Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Success is his contribution to anyone who wants to have financial freedom in their life. In his book he outlines exactly how he was able to build a successful Online Business. His mission is to empower as many people as he possibly can to help them reach their true peak potential. So, open your mind. . . your journey begins NOW!

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