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I would like to talk a little about free traffic methods today. You see there is a big misconception about free traffic that people need to understand and that is that free traffic is not really free. Sure there are methods out there to generate traffic that doesn’t cost any money but it will cost you time. When you are running a business time is money so those sites that give you free traffic is not really free since it is taking up your time. Now don’t get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with using free traffic if you can’t afford to spend money on advertising. That is actually why I’m writing this post today. I know of quite a few people that have started a new business online that just don’t have the funds to do banner advertising, solo ads, google adwords, ppc, facebook advertising, or any of those paid traffic sources. So I wanted to give you a list of about 5 different free traffic sources that you can use if you find yourself in this same predicament.

  1. YouTube –YouTube This is a great source of free traffic but it does have a little bit of a learning curve in order to get a good amount of views. When used properly though it is a really great source of free traffic and will continue to send you traffic far into the future.
  2. WordPress – Create a free blog with wordpress.com. Unfortunately you won’t own the content but it is a free option to go with if you want. You can even expand your reach using RSS Feed Syndication.
  3. Word of Mouth – This is an option for people that live in big cities that have a lot of people. It’s a very old tactic but it still works today.
  4. Forum Marketing – Join up to the biggest forums in your niche. Establish yourself as an authority and contribute to the conversations in the forums. Link to an ethical bribe or freebie gift at the end of your posts.
  5. Free Classified Ads – Locate some free Classified Ads that you can put your links into. Here are a few examples: pennysaverusa.com, craigslist.org, newfreeclassifieds.com, and webclassifieds.us


Now I still fully recommend that you use Paid advertising because it is scalable and a whole lot faster but if you must use a free traffic method then there are plenty out there. This is just a short list that may help you out. If you’re still looking for more options then all you have to do is a google search. I hope I have helped you to discover some free traffic sources. If you know of any more that may be helpful please put them in the comments section below.

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