December 21, 2016

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5 Tips on SEO Strategies for 2016

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Learning SEO is not as hard as most people think and it really is impairative to online business. SEO can help you to bring more leads to your site and can grow your business like expidentually. You may think that SEO is hard to learn and it takes more time than your willing to spend but let me ask you this, if you were to get 5 or more extra customers per week with no effert at all then would it make it worth spending a little time to learn? Google has created a PDF starter guide to help people with learning SEO. You can get a copy of it right here: SEO Starter Guide PDF

Here is a list of 5 things to help you plan your SEO strategies for 2016:

1. Be Mobile Compatible:mobiledevices

In 2016 there will be even more people veiwing content with mobile devises. You need to be able to create a responsive web design that is compatible with the rapidly growing number of mobile internet users. If your not Mobile compatible you will get left behind.

2. Be able to be located by Google Voice Search:google-voice-search-new-300x187

More and more people are using voice search options to locate the information they are looking for. You may know about Siri for the Iphone and S Voice for Samsung phones but did you know about Google Voice Search? Now people have the ability to search Google using complete questions. Make sure that you integrate who, what, when, where, how, and why into your keywords and keyword phrases.

3. Social Media SEO:social-media

Social Media is becoming a factor in search results especially for branded keyword searches. Remember as you create rich web content to also create rich social media posts to place in you portfolio of backlinks, keywords, and social proof in 2016. It has been stated by Google that it’s Algorithm will be picking up social signals as part of it’s ranking factor but it’s still not exactly clear how Social Media engagements will affect the rankings.

4. Impliment Video SEO:video-6

Everybody loves videos and it has been discovered that people consume more video now than ever before. People would rather watch a short video than read an article or book so it is important to intergrate video campaigns into your SEO strategy for 2016. Don’t forget that we are living in the mobile world as well so more and more people are watching videos on their mobile devices so make sure it is compatible.

5. Content is Still King:content-is-king

Content still regeins as leader in the digital marketplace so keep adding that rich valuble original content such as articles, blog posts, social media, and videos. Keep focusing on the end results and you will find success in your 2016 SEO strategy.

If there was anything I have missed in this post about SEO then please post a comment below. Thanks you for reading and I hope this post has helped you. Here is to your success.

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For the past 2 years Michael Bass has dedicated his time to building an Online Business that gives him complete time, location and financial freedom. The reason Michael decided to start his Online Business is because he wanted to expand his knowledge and continue to travel. Since starting his online business he has traveled all over the world to places like Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and the Canary Islands. His new book An Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Success is his contribution to anyone who wants to have financial freedom in their life. In his book he outlines exactly how he was able to build a successful Online Business. His mission is to empower as many people as he possibly can to help them reach their true peak potential. So, open your mind. . . your journey begins NOW!

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