September 14, 2016

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How to get closing rates of up to 86% without using a gun!

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How to get closing rates of up to 86% . . . without a gun!

 Recently Tiji Thomas closed 6 out of 7 of his prospects on a $30,000 product.  That’s an 86% closing rate!  “Impossible!” you say.  Did he have a gun to their head?  NO WAY!  He simply used all of the amazing secrets that he will freely share with you, as you listen to these 4 powerful audio CD’s.  We got Tiji to give up all of his greatest tips, tricks and strategies behind this TRUE STORY.  We got him to break it all down for you and show you how simple and easy it is.  He revealed everything!  The secrets you’ll discover during this one story alone will pay for Tiji Thomas’s NO Pressure Sales System many times over.  Click the button below and start benefiting from these rare and unusual secrets inside this amazing 4-hour audio program in just minutes from now.


 Many years ago, Tiji got a job selling for a major corporation in an industry that’s famous for using high-pressure strategies and methods to get people to take action, but he refused to do it.  He had a better way.  First, he went to school to become an engineer, so that alone makes him different than most salespeople.  Second, prior to getting this sales job, he spent ten years helping street kids straighten out their lives.  One of the things he mastered during those years was the Socratic method of questioning…

Tiji refused to use any manipulative tactics to get people to give him their money. He told his boss he would NEVER use any high-pressure methods.  He was bold enough to tell his boss that HE thought he could do a great job, without using any high-pressure.

His boss was skeptical, but thought it was pretty outrageous for a new salesperson to ‘claim’ that he had a better way that was directly against all of the standard methods.  So the boss gave him 30-days to prove that his methods really worked.  And they did.  In fact…

Tiji generated over $150,000,000 in transactions in less than 12 years —

by being a very nice guy…  NO high pressure… NO manipulation… NO fancy closing techniques… NO rejection… NO headaches or hassles.

To make a long story short, Tiji made a fortune for himself and the company.  In fact, he made SO MUCH MONEY that they completely changed his commission structure, which ultimately led him to seek other sales opportunities [there’s always plenty of high-paying gigs for the pro who can sell.]

Now Tiji works from the comfort and privacy of his home, surrounded by his wife and two children.  He’s making a HIGH SIX FIGURE INCOME, while being a very nice guy who loves his work.

You really can be a nice guy or gal and still make a fortune in sales!  Once you have Tiji’s secrets, you’ll never high pressure anyone or use any tactics that might borderline on manipulation.

pushy salesmanTiji loves to share his best information.  He loves to help people succeed.  In fact, that’s one of his greatest secrets.  He is a super nice guy who cares about helping people.  Prospective buyers sense this and want to do business with him.  That’s a big part of his magic.  Of course, I’m simplifying all of this for now.  There’s much more to his phenomenal success than just being a nice guy who really wants to help people succeed.  After all, there’s a lot of nice people, but what’s truly rare are nice people who know how to make massive sums of money!

And that’s what Tiji Thomas is all about.  The man is truly different and so are the methods and strategies he teaches. So please read this post carefully.  Discover the amazing secrets you’ll be getting when you get this powerful audio program.   Don’t let the size of this program fool you.  Although this is only a 4-hour audio program, it contains the powerful tips, tricks and strategies that Tiji used to make over $150,000,000 in sales without any high-pressure methods.  These are the same secrets he teaches his clients and you’ll get them for a fraction of the price they pay.


ONLY $97.00!!!


Tiji is a nice guy.  He’s quiet, respectful and always interested in what others have to say.  He’s one of the best listeners I’ve ever met.  He CARES DEEPLY about people and loves to help them.  In fact, his definition of selling is; to find out what people want and help them get it. 

These days, Tiji sits at home and makes more money  than many doctors and lawyers!  Now he will teach you how to do it.  As you’ll see; his NO PRESSURE SALES SYSTEM can change your life. 

Strong words?  Yes, but absolutely true. 

Here’s why: this powerful 4-hour audio program is based on the best-of-the-best of the methods and strategies that Tiji uses to sell millions of dollars worth of products and services, with NO manipulation and NO high pressure.

All the things you hate about selling are the same things Tiji hates about it.  He hates them with a passion.  He hates all the high-pressure manipulative stuff that some sales trainers teach and has always refused to do it. 

Here are some of the secrets that YOU are about to discover:

  • How to be a super nice guy or gal and still make tons of money in sales.
  • Why you will very rarely answer objections!  Yes, Tiji will show you how to let the prospective buyer sell themselves.  This puts them under ZERO PRESSURE and makes them want to take action right away.
  • How to ask the right questions at the right time and get the sale.
  • Some of the EXACT QUESTIONS that Tiji asks his prospects that makes them want to give their money to him.
  • Tiji’s four step formula for producing sales like magic.
  • Gentle questions that get the prospects to OPEN UP TO YOU and reveal the key situations that make them want to buy.
  • Why Tiji hardly ever gets the price objection.
  • How to sell with few or even no real objections.
  • How to spend less time with the prospect and make more money.
  • Little things that produce MAJOR RESULTS in your sales. Tiji’s magic secret of beautiful conversations that lead straight to the sale.
  • How to get the right prospects to come to you.
  • The secret to selling with NO resistance and NO buyers remorse after the sale.
  • How to sell without making them feel they’ve been sold.
  • How to make people feel as if THEY are in complete control of the sales process, when YOU are the one who is really in control.Why less effort = more sales.
  • The Socratic Method that makes prospects want to give their money to you.
  • The secret to only attracting the very best buyers.
  • Take away their pain and DOUBLE your sales.
  • Tiji’s amazing secret to hardly ever deal with any real objections.  You will get fewer objections and more sales!
  • How to make prospects qualify themselves so you don’t have to.

Tiji Thomas’s NO PRESSURE SALES SYSTEM is so much different than anything you’ve ever heard.  These secrets will change the way you think and feel about sales.


ONLY $97.00!!!



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