September 13, 2016

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Having Trouble Getting Leads?

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Are you having trouble getting leads to sell your products to?

Have you ever heard the saying, “The money is in the List.”? 10K Leads

Well if you don’t have the knowledge to get people on your list then it makes it that much harder to make money. I have a training program called, “10,000 Leads in 100 Days” that will teach you how to get those leads to start building your list. Now, the Internet does move fast, but the basic principles of marketing never change. That means that even though a couple of these case studies may be outdated, those principles can be applied to the current technology.

Human psychology has not changed. Online marketing legends like Frank Kern, to this day, still study Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Robert Collier, and Claude Hopkins who are “old school” pre-Internet marketers.

Everything you’ll see in “10,000 Leads” still works TODAY… the steps can either be followed literally with the same, active traffic sources or with new ones that have taken their place. “10,000 Leads” is a living, breathing training program. Matt Lloyd reached his 10,000 lead goal in 42 days and has been adding videos ever since, but he has been VERY selective about what he has added. He wants to deliver the highest possible value to you. If you join “10,000 Leads” today you will get LIFETIME access to the program, and all future videos and training that is added.

You can’t make money without either spending money, or spending time. In “10,000 Leads” you will be shown how to exponentially grow your list in a very short period of time even if you have a small ad budget. You will be shown 8 different traffic methods that are 100% FREE.

These “free traffic” methods may require time, but they will NOT cost you any money:

  • marketing co-ops
  • YouTube videos
  • social media
  • Joint Ventures
  • ad swaps
  • blog marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • viral traffic


Plus You Will Also Get A Surprise Bonus Course Absolutely FREE!

“My Email Marketing Empire”

 email marketing empire

This bonus may be removed at any time, but if you join “10,000 Leads” today, I will give you “My Email Marketing Empire” course (worth $497) absolutely free.

The difference between “just getting by” and crushing it with your email marketing is all in HOW you market to your list, and this course will show how to manage your 10,000 person list once you have it.

You’ll learn:

  • how often to mail your list (it’s NOT what you think…)
  • what days of the week and what times of the day get you the most clicks and sales
  • my all-time best “real life” subject lines and email copy that destroyed all my past sales records (yours to use for life)
  • how to make yourself bulletproof to spam complaints
  • how to setup an automated email sequence that will turn all the “maybes” on your list into rabid buyers
  • the secret to getting emails done in 15 minutes, so you can get a full day’s pay in a fraction of the time

Don’t wait another second. Click Here and scroll down to the “Add To Cart” Button to get started today!


Featured image source: Fore, R. (Posted: December 18, 2014). Traditional to modern – Getting leads for network marketing. Retrieved from

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