July 13, 2017

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Logic: The gears to success…

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Logic: The gears to success…

What is Logic? Logic is an argument assessed according to strict principles of validity. Everywhere you go, there¬†are always different¬†types of logic in place. I work at Sonic Drive-In as a Carhop. The logic that is in place is that people have to eat and the Carhops bring them food. However, there are intricate details at work that create the inner gears of Sonic’s “clock.” Carhops are encouraged to learn the different aspects of the restaurant in order to make the ordering process easier and faster, but their main focus is to deliver food to the customers. Other positions within the business do what is called the “back-end.” The switchboard operators and fountaineers are trained to work in their section of the restaurant, taking orders, making drinks, and¬†expediting food. When all of these systems come together they make up the entire business.


All the different gears come together as a team and the team works together to make the business thrive and the clock work. This makes up the functionality of the business.

MOBE is one of those businesses that has a system where every little thing comes together to help the business successfully thrive.steampunk_wall_clock_showing_gears_and_mechanism-rdd498bd2055a41bcbd79a08a3d702fee_fup13_8byvr_512

My Uncle, Michael Bass the owner and CEO of Insain Solutions Inc., has seen for himself how the system of MOBE works and the benefits that it offers. Some of the benefits MOBE offers are:

  • MOBE Merc Program – If you implement and do well in the MOBE program then Matt will pay for a brand new car for you. It will be yours absolutely free.
  • Free invitation to an exotic location to take part in a Mastermind event.
  • Free Daily training webinars
  • Awesome community of helpfully individuals
  • Sales team that will do the phone¬†sales¬†for you
  • Done for you¬†articles, emails, and videos
  • Loads and loads of training videos and step by step instructions

Does this peak your interest? Does this sound like something you would like to be involved in? If you answered yes then come join us! Click on the Link below to Get Started Today!



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Image source for clock: Zazzle Inc. (2000-2015). Steampunk wall clock showing gears and mechanism. Retrieved from http://www.zazzle.com/steampunk_wall_clock_showing_gears_and_mechanism-256891918433050081


About The Author

For the past 2 years Michael Bass has dedicated his time to building an Online Business that gives him complete time, location and financial freedom. The reason Michael decided to start his Online Business is because he wanted to expand his knowledge and continue to travel. Since starting his online business he has traveled all over the world to places like Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and the Canary Islands. His new book An Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Success is his contribution to anyone who wants to have financial freedom in their life. In his book he outlines exactly how he was able to build a successful Online Business. His mission is to empower as many people as he possibly can to help them reach their true peak potential. So, open your mind. . . your journey begins NOW!

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