Would You Like The Steering Wheel With That?

Dodge Caliber Steering wheel

A couple years ago my mom was needing a new car so I went with her to the dealership to help her find one. We looked at quite a few and talked about many things with each one. We looked at the different types and the options that each one had. Now she wasn’t able to afford a brand new one so we started looking on the used lot. She needed one that was spacious enough to carry all the stuff that she uses everyday but was small enough that it wasn’t going to use a lot of gas. Then she found the one that she wanted and we took it for a test drive. She loved the features that the car had plus it was in really good condition. It was also really good on gas as well. She decided to purchase the car and I helped her to get the financing.

Now I want you to imagine this for a moment. We are sitting across the desk from the car salesman going over the purchase agreement and he says, “Now that you’ve decided on the make and model of the car you want to buy, would you like the steering wheel that goes with that car?” Now of course this didn’t happen but what if it did and he had said that? That would be crazy, right? It would be even crazier if he asked us, “Well, wouldn’t it be worth an extra $49 to have the steering wheel that goes to that car?”

There’s no way to put a value on a steering wheel, right? Of course not. That’s the kind of response MOBE president Matt Lloyd gets when he asks his top affiliates about the value of the MTTB system. You just can’t put a value to it. What’s the value of a system that…

• Does the product creation for you?

• Does the website building for you?

• Does the shipping for you?

• Does the customer service for you?

• Does the phone sales for you?

• Provides the high-ticket, high-commission products you need to really succeed in today’s internet marketing universe?

• Provides the high-converting, “aerodynamic” sales funnel you need to drive traffic to?

If the “car salesman” asked you if all that was worth $49 to start…what would your answer be? And if he said you could make $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500 commissions? If you did the steps and didn’t make a commission in 30 days, you’d get $500 in your pocket just for putting in the effort? Would you say that it is worth $49? If you answered “no”, do you also own a car without a steering wheel?

Check out the MTTB system today…

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