February 02, 2017

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How to write a successful Blog Post!

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Today I want to provide you with some tips on how to make your blog go from buried hidden treasure to art in a museum. It is highly important to have a good blog, whether it be for business or recreational, so you will get good traffic coming to read it. What’s the point in writing it if you’re not going to have any readers?

You most likely have doubts about your blog ever being successful, but I promise you, in time it will become successful. Use these tips below and you will be on your way to becoming a successful blogger.

  • Stop spreading sales messages! Who are you writing to?

Sales messages aren’t for you readers, it’s for your business. If I came to a blog to seek help about “how to run a healthy restaurant” and I saw “buy this host podium, it will make customer service better” every time I visit the page, I’m eventually going to lose interest in this blogger because he doesn’t care about his readers. He only wants to get his next sale.

  • How can you help your readers?

Make your customers feel like you want them on your page. Have a homey feel to it and don’t shove your business down their throat, if your blog is for business purposes, as soon as they enter your site. Give great useful tips and ensure that what they came to find is what they get.

  • Stop using a “Corporate Tone” !

Get rid of words like high-class, customer service excellence, and other “Corporate” phrases.

  • Don’t be passive, be active!

When giving your readers the idea of when they will get a response from you don’t be passive.blog-tips-1024x1024

For example:

“you will be replied to by….”

instead be active and say:

“We will reply to you within….”

This shows your readers that you are at your computer and that you do care about them!

  • Write short paragraphs and use contractions!

Writing short paragraphs opposed to long drawn out paragraphs will utilize the white space to prevent overwhelming your reader, and to give them time to breath between your thoughts.

Use contractions like it’s, can’t, and they’ll instead of typing out it is, cannot, and they will. This will give a more formal feel. Talk with your reader not at him/her and make them feel comfortable. Make them believe you wrote the post specifically for him/her.

  • Spice up your headlines!

Write headlines so hypnotizing and eye catching that your readers feel compelled to click on your link and read your post. Use sensory/emotional words and Numbers. These items in a headline will stop wandering eyes and make them curious to see what you mean by the headline. Promise a specific benefit when reading the post to make the reader curious.

I gave you the promise that you would learn how to write a successful blog. That got your attention and made you curious of what I had to say, therefore you clicked on my post.

  • Create enticing opening paragraphs!

Empathize with your reader and their doubts and reassure them that they can do what they are learning. Promise life-changing advice and then provide said advice. Reassure them that your tips are easy!

  • Write Inspirational conclusions!

Rewarding your reader with a tip each time they read your blog, will result in having return readers. Don’t just give useful tips and send them on their way, Inspire the readers to apply the tips to their life.

  • Create an email list!

Don’t be the dark alley behind a building that’s hard to find once you leave, be a community park people visit daily! Give your readers a reason to come back. Provide them with the benefits of subscribing to your blog, what they will learn from your blog, how your blog will help them save or even make money , and how you can help them be more productive and become happier. Strategize where the location of your Sign-up Form is. Make sure it’s not hard to get to and easy to see.

These simple tips will help you to become the blogger you want to be but, it all depends on your willingness to implement them. I hope you enjoyed spending time with me today and I hope I have helped you learn a little more about creating a successful blog. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!


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About The Author

For the past 2 years Michael Bass has dedicated his time to building an Online Business that gives him complete time, location and financial freedom. The reason Michael decided to start his Online Business is because he wanted to expand his knowledge and continue to travel. Since starting his online business he has traveled all over the world to places like Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and the Canary Islands. His new book An Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Success is his contribution to anyone who wants to have financial freedom in their life. In his book he outlines exactly how he was able to build a successful Online Business. His mission is to empower as many people as he possibly can to help them reach their true peak potential. So, open your mind. . . your journey begins NOW!

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